4-year-old grandson: “Can I have some juice?”

Grandma: “No, have an orange.”

Grandson: “Oh, there’s juice in the orange.”

Grandma smiles as he goes to the refrigerator to bring her the bag of oranges for her, his cousin (whom he calls his “sister”), and himself….

A little later…

Grandson: “Can I have some water?”

Grandma: “O.K.”

Grandson: “Water’s good for me.”

Grandma’s eyebrow raises in surprise; but she smiles as she gets the water for him and her 2-year-old granddaughter. She places the cups of water on the table.

Granddaughter: “Yay! I love water!” Grandma says to herself, “Monkey see, monkey do”. She notices her granddaughter only drinks half a cup.

Grandson (immediately drinks his water and returns to Grandma): “I’m done!” “I’m going to put my cup in the sink now.”

Grandma (shocked, slowly answers him, happy): “Ohhh-K!”