LORD, THANK YOU. Today you gave me PATIENCE during crises, slights, and irritations…KINDNESS and GENTLENESS to myself and others when I made mistakes/they made mistakes…real HAPPINESS when someone I didn’t like made her goal, received his promotion, got their new home…moved me to CONGRATULATE and genuinely let that individual know, that company know, that I’m glad they were progressing, are successful…RECOGNIZING others’ accomplishments without touting my own….Being HUMBLE enough to give that person caught in the rain a ride home in my new Mercedes….CALMLY allowing my loved one to speak her mind without rudely cutting her off….SHARING my meal with someone without one….SMILING though I felt like grumbling….LETTING GO of that grudge….Quickly coming to someone’s DEFENSE when cruel rumors were being told….REJOICING when the truth was told and telling others the good news….Lord, I want to THANK YOU for what you brought me through today. Now I know that there is nothing I cannot FACE, I can always TRUST and HOPE in others because I put my trust and faith in you, and I can, through you, ENDURE to the end, while helping others to do the same.

Your love NEVER fails, God, it did not fail me today. I have FAITH, I have HOPE, and I have LOVE….but the GREATEST of these three, is love. UNCONDITIONAL love. AGAPE love. GODLOVE. AMEN!