Lifestyle Center

An interesting place, I first heard about Uchee Pines Institute from a retired nurse . She started her medical missionary career after graduating from their educator and counselor programs. She was a CNA when she enrolled. The founders of the center, Drs. Calvin (deceased) & Agatha Thrash, opened the lifestyle center to educate people to make positive lifestyle choices for optimal health. It is a Christian environment, but all are welcome.

I love the counseling sheets that’s available for you to browse on this site. Great resource of information on treating diseases naturally. When my children were young, I used this site faithfully to help them get better. Of course, it’s knowledge made available for educational purposes only, but I successfully applied the principles and techniques in my home for many years, along with the conventional medical treatment.

I’m looking forward to taking their LEX correspondence course, to be certified as a Lifestyle Educator. The last two weeks of the course is spent in clinical rotations, applying the concepts learned. You study anatomy & physiology, pathophysiology, hydrotherapy, commonsense herbal usage, massage and more. It takes a year to complete the entire program, but it can be done in less time. They do allow you an extension, at an additional, but reasonable charge. The program is very affordable. I plan to stay for three weeks, just to learn how to operate a nonprofit Country Life restaurant and store.

They offer seminars on health and nutrition, and if it’s available, practical farming. Check out the website, and the YouTube videos.