This is great information, I always wondered if mediation is better than going straight to an attorney and court. Thanks.

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Is Mediation Your Best Option?

            Mediation can be a great alternative to going through court over a custody or visitation issue in family law. Going to court can be messy, time consuming and costly. A lot of parents out there don’t even want to start the process for fear of the money they will inevitably have to spend on attorneys, court fees, filing fees etc. The amount of time it can take to fully go through the court process can have more negative effects, on you and your child, than the initial separation or divorce did. Going through court, in most cases, resigns both parties to not talking to each other and instead going through their attorneys; discussions do not take place, it’s mostly, “sign here on the dotted line” interactions. In most litigation scenarios, lack of communication greatly affects the relationship you will go on to have with…

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