Thanks, I want to introduce my young ones to all of Silverstein’s books.

A Giraffe and a HalfGiraffeCover

Picture Book

Ages 2 and Up

By Shel Silverstein

48 pages

HarperCollins Publishers




Many people know Shel Silverstein (1930-1999) from his poetry books (A Light in the Atticand Where the Sidewalk Ends, just to name two). Some know he was also a cartoonist for Playboy (from 1957 through the mid ‘70s). Others may be familiar with his work as a singer and songwriter (“A Boy Named Sue,” sung by Johnny Cash, and “The Unicorn,” sung by The Irish Rovers, are his most famous). And a few may know he also wrote over one hundred one act plays. The man was a ridiculously talented, and prolific, genius.

He was a regular customer at Books of Wonder. The first time I met him I was utterly speechless and teary eyed. I adore every one of his books. (Thanks to my sister…

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