Dear Store Manager,

I visited your store today, and I want to tell you what happened to me. I am upset. I will never patronize your market.

I have shopped at your business for several years, and I have never encountered such unfriendly, unprofessional employees!

I went to purchase an item in your health and body care department. First of all, the department was empty-I was the lone customer, and a young lady was standing at the desk. I waited for several minutes, before I approached this woman. She never looked up, never acknowledged my presence-that’s why I walked to the desk. I asked her politely if she would help me find the items for which I was searching. She never responded to me. She just walked away from the desk, went down one of the aisles, pointed to a shelf-on the bottom-then walked back to the desk. Not a word.

I was so shocked, and so angry, I couldn’t speak. I went to the aisle, to where she “pointed”, then I went back to the desk. There were several brand names of the item I needed, and I didn’t know enough about the products to decide what I should buy. Disgusted, I left and went to another store, where I was treated very nicely. Obviously, you lost a faithful customer, who spent not too small an amount of my fixed income.

As I will not be returning to your store, and I will tell others of my experience, I only wanted to let you know my reason.


Several days passed after the woman sent this letter to the store manager. She received a letter from the manager, in response to the incident. The letter stated: “We have a new customer service rule, as our employees were not doing their job (stocking, ordering, etc.).”…”It is the ’10 foot’ rule”: No employee is to come within 10 feet of the customer. If the customer needs assistance, just take them to the appropriate aisle, show them where the products are, and let them choose what to buy. Any employee caught breaking the rule will be written up.”

No apology. No follow Up. And that employee working in that department? Well, that was the store manager!

“Can I Get Some Help Around Here???!!!”