valeriu dg barbu

(sorry if sometimes is not translated perfectly)


Only you hy woman you have your eyes… cranes (birds)

this spring? …

for how many lies you let yourself be in pagan bedclothes

often untouched? …

when close you… whole sky in your hands crying

because you do not have wings? …

well, forget the last gesture of dance occult,

maybe not have was brought to an end …

Cut all those,, further” and those  ,,long ago”


from the place where the luck you request tribute

of meat, of dreams, of years

give him hell fucking money, little victories

Imagine that there is

neither woman nor man,  only  so … a ball of fire

light has lost of meaning, courage and guilt

without fighting, without shivers

I not to you wonder…  why women

you have eyes …cranes? …

however, if you want to feel the living replete…  there

where no one suspected…

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