I look out my window, it’s 10 o’clock at night, and what do I see? The deacon drive by with a flashlight!

I check my Facebook friend requests, and lo and behold-12 “friends” indeed, every one a church board member!

I bump into Sister Nose-it-All while I shop, You won’t believe what she did…Oh yes, she did-she was checking out everything I had in my shopping cart!

I’m bearing my soul on the phone to Sister I’ll-Pray-4-You Prayer Warrior…Then I hear Radio Pastor preaching about ALL my 411!

I wake early in the morning, to a 7 a.m. knock on my front door, “Who can that be?” Sister I-Was-Just-in-the-Neighborhood, and I just wanted to make sure you’re fine.”

And I take all this in, as I’m on my knees to pray:

“Dear God, please help Deacon find his way home, he must be getting senile, wife always leaving him home alone.”

“And find good friends, let me see, in the nursing home, for all those lonely board members.”

Remind me to offer Sister Nose-It-All some food, she must not have anything to eat at home.”

“And God, please help Sister Prayer Warrior, for she’s surely got some issues in all her tissues, not telling Radio Pastor about her ______ (I’m too ashamed to say it, you fill in the blank Lord).”

“And help poor Sister Just-in-the Neighborhood, her husband must have put her out the house again, for shame!”

“Now God, I thank you for answering my humble prayer. Before I got on my knees, you transformed everyone on this list. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”