I love my jump rope. I love jumping rope. I got it as a freebie at a health retreat I attended. It records how many times I’ve jumped, another function (which I’ve forgotten-not important to me), and how many calories  I’ve burned (not too concerned with that at the moment). Everyday I jump rope. My goal? Simple: 300 skips in 3 minutes. I haven’t quite made it. 

What usually happens, is I’ll miss a skip. Everytime I miss a skip, I put down the rope, and depending on where I’m at, I’ll run (yes, run) until I get tired; or if there are steps nearby-yep, I walk up and down those steps until I’m tired (more like whipped). I started counting how many times I would do the other exercises, then I asked myself, “Why?”. I don’t focus on how many I do now, I just them until I can’t do anymore. So, I end up doing several different exercises before I finally get to my 300 skips. Forget the 3 minutes; it’s more like 30-40 minutes of a nice workout. 

I love this routine. I don’t worry about my goal-haven’t abandoned it-and my missed skips have been less. When I first started, I missed several skips (too many to count, it was so embarassing), but I’m getter better. Now I’m down to 3 misses, Yay!….Hmmmm, that’s on a good day, when I’m not tired or sick.

My reward has been increased speed, so I can see that the 3-minute goal is not too much to handle. I can also miss a few days, and not affect my endurance level much. For me, the test again, is the amount of missed skips I have before I hit 300. 

Now all I need to add is sprint-walking on the bridge….