Sometimes, when I have been sick, I have gotten helpful “home remedies” from friends like:


Cayenne, taken straight in a teaspoon, will help with hoarseness and sore throat.

Ginger, chopped, and gently boiled, will help break up a cold.

Coconut water eases an upset stomach, helps mild diarrhea, and is better than Gatorade.

Fennel, anise, thyme, coriander aid digestion.

And more.

I don’t have make any claims to back any of these home remedies. All of the above, and others, I have tried at one time or another, to help me when I was sick. Some worked, some didn’t. Others-I have my doubts. But my family, friends, associates, etc. live by them. I have a healthy skepticism about using home remedies, because the medicines we use work well for those times when we’re struggling more than is comfortable with the cold or flu. Especially for children, I would take the prescription route, and let these ingredients play their role in soups and teas. 

I used to use garlic, loads of it, in every dish I made. I also used large amounts of the same when I had the flu, and could not afford to buy the medicine. Well I later learned, that garlic thins your blood. It is a natural blood thinner. For the condition I had, all that garlic was not the best thing for me. So now I use it sparingly in cooking, generously when sick-only at the beginning of my cold-and not the entire length of my illness. I like to call it sane or sensible home cure.

Experimenting with new culinary spices gives wonderful flavor to old dishes, so I don’t have to use fat, oil, salt, sugar, and black pepper. Maybe those spices do not work for me in sickness, but I know they help me in my overall health.Image