Children’s, and Youth’s Choirs.

Instrumental Ensembles.

Donated music lessons from professional musicians and music teachers.

See their favorite Christian music artist in concert.

Field trip to the local music instruments store.

Purchase musical instruments for the children.

Let them observe the piano/organ tuner at work, then give a report.

Let them start a nursing home ministry.

Sing the morning’s worship songs with the sick, lonely, and shut-in.

Create a scholarship fund for budding musicians and singers.

Tour colleges every year in the spring that offer degrees in church music, other music degrees.

Hold music classes in voice, instrument, theory, composition-a total music education experience-in your church’s education building, inviting local musicians to volunteer their time and talents.

Hold music workshops, including a series on vocal health.

Show them the beauty, the power of music while they are young, and they will have a healthy respect for its use when they are adults.