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Besides for having a Saturday Ashtanga practice today, I was looking forward to two things- a hot Epsom Salt bath and a facial. It was a long week. I probably shouldn’t have practiced today, but I listened to all my aches and pains and took it easy. I’ll save the intensity for India (omg India. Squeeeel). I also treated myself to the most amazing thing I’ve ever eaten (well, at least at that moment since I was starving)- a vegan meyer lemon tart from the brand Hail Merry. Their company uses raw oils including coconut, are gluten-free and is non-GMO verified. I highly recommend.

My epsom salt bath was divine. I kicked it up a notch and added a few drops of camomile and lavender essential oil. I decided to make an at home face mask. If you read my recent post about my new beauty find, you’ll know…

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