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What is the measure of faith?

I lay down every night, I expect to wake up every morning-and breathe-that’s faith.

I wake up every morning, I expect to be able to see with my eyes, open my mouth and speak-that’s faith.

I wake up, I expect to remember my name, who I am, and where I am-that’s faith.

I wake up, I expect to able to move my arms, my hands, my legs, to get out the bed-that’s faith.

I flip on the light switch, I expect the lights to come on-that’s faith.

I turn on the faucet, I expect the water to come out-that’s faith.

I expect to able to groom myself, put on my clothes/shoes the right way, cook for/feed myself-that’s faith.

I get in my car and turn the ignition, I expect the car to start-that’s faith.

I send my children to school, I expect them to come home safely-that’s faith.

I travel to/from work, school, etc., I expect to arrive/return safely home-that’s faith.

…And when these things don’t happen, I am shocked…

So what is faith?

I am: convicted, confident, convinced; I have a fundamental trust, a reality, a hope, a proof-of what I do not see.


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen – Hebrews 11:1 (KJV)



Here’s a grain dish I made with what was left to cook in the fridge. I eyeballed this one, so forgive me please for the lack of measurements. Next time I’ll remember to measure everything. The fun, of course, is seeing what you can create!

Cooked quinoa

Fresh made toasted bread crumbs from 2 slices of whole grain white bread

1 garlic clove, crushed ( I love lots of garlic, had to control myself)

Dried Seasonings: sage, thyme, Carribbean, smoked paprika, Italian, basil, cayenne

Vegan chicken bouillon broth

Frozen garden vegan patty, heated just until it softens and crumbles easily


Heat oven to 325 degrees.

I used a small amount of vegetable oil, just enough, to oil the bottom and sides of a small glass casserole dish. Set aside.

In a small bowl mix lightly (use your clean hands, it’s OK) the quinoa, bread crumbs, and crushed garlic. Add seasonings, to taste.

Crumble the veggie patty into the mixture last. Stir all carefully, adding a little broth at a time, just to moisten everything. Adjust seasoning.

Spoon mixture into casserole dish. Bake in the oven, for 20-30 minutes, or until golden brown and smelling good. *Note: I covered the dish with foil, since the pan didn’t have a cover.

Remove from oven when done, and let cool. Cut into squares and serve.

The surprise: it tasted like cornbread stuffing! I baked acorn squash halves, stuffed with cranberries (sprinkled w/ brown sugar), alongside the quinoa casserole.

I chose to experiment with the seasonings above, so feel free to come up with a combination you like. Enjoy!





For breakfast, I had left in the refrigerator:

1/2 bag fresh cranberries, rinsed

1 large apple, cored & sliced thin

1 pear, cored & sliced thin

1 cup Water

1/2 cup raw brown sugar


Bring the water and sugar to a gentle boil in a medium pot. I prefer no sugar at all, but I’m not the only one eating it. You can add more or less sugar to your liking, or use another natural sweetener of your choice.

Add the rinsed cranberries, once the sugar is dissolved.

Add the apple and pear slices.

Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and let simmer down to a thick consistency. Keep an eye on this, stirring every now and then, to prevent sticking to the bottom of the pot. Turn off stove. Let cool, or use hot if you’d like for topping waffles, pancakes, etc.

Transfer to a container when cool (I use glass), and store in the refrigerator. Mine keeps for a few days. I try to use everything I make within three days.

I completed my breakfast with cooked quinoa cereal, ground flaxseed topping, raw almonds, and the other half of the fruits. Later, I used this as a topping, as a side dish, and as a supper with whole-grain crackers & herbal tea.


It’s been a week since I started my new routine to manage my allergies.

I’d made the necessary lifestyle changes, but I experienced no progress. In fact, it got worse. So, I did some more research, and found my answers on Oil of Olay’s website (not promoting the product, but I was at the point where I needed to look in this direction). I also went back to Uchee Pines Lifestyle Center website, to review some other protocols I may have missed.

Well, the OOL product worked immediately for the inflammation; I’m very pleased with the results. Using the product, along with EVOO (unrefined, unprocessed, extra virgin olive oil), daily, I see a dramatic change on the outside.

Along with the elimination & challenge diet, vitamins and minerals( I take the health market brands), I’ve noticed reduced cravings, and my weight is dropping-it’s basically a gluten-free vegan diet I’m eating. I figured I may have gluten intolerance, but after I took out the gluten-wow! My body is loving it! The other changes: switching to all natural fabrics, using toxin-free laundry soap, and more-I’m making those changes one by one, as finances permit.

I started drinking P’au D’arco and Red Clover teas, and will continue to do so for the next week. I’m only doing them short term, as I don’t want to take herbals on a regular basis. I only use the heavy herbs when necessary. The herbs I bought from the West Indian mart, in particular, cerasee, I’ll try after I’m finished using the first two herbs. I researched all my herbs on academic and well-known herbalists’ websites, found YouTube videos on how to prepare each one, so now I can take my time and go through them. I’ll keep only the ones that work well for me.

I’m just so excited that my lifetime challenge with allergies is turning around. It’s nice to be able to do this-and find out what the doctor will say!

There’s nothing better than to give your little ones a hearty, energy-packed breakfast! 

Here’s a sample breakfast I fix for my grandchildren (it’s my granddaughter’s favorite).


1/4 Dora cup Unsweetened Apple Juice

1 Dora yogurt

1 bowl mandarin oranges

1 bowl Captain Crunch (sorry about this one, whole grain next time)  😉

1 toast (make it whole grain)

1 teaspoon cashews

equals=2 full, satisfied, cheerful little cherubs.


Help your young one understand the human digestive system:

Partially roll out brown craft paper on the floor. Have your child lie face up on the sheet. Take a fat, black marker, and outline his/her body on the sheet. Cut out your child’s shape. Now you can use this paper “Child’s Body” to draw the parts of the digestive system. Give crayons, markers, color pencils, etc to color the mouth, stomach, etc. Hang it on a wall in their room, or better yet, in the kitchen!