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I love winter.

The cold wakes you up, or makes you wrap up under the sheets, blankets, comforters-pajamas?

Snow. The laughter of children enjoy this special treat when it hangs around for awhile.

The beauty of the naked trees, sometimes encased like glass under the ice. Odd, peculiar shapes hidden by leaves now show.

Bundle up: thermal underwear under layers of clothes, hats, mittens, socks and stockings, boots, scarves, and more.

Hot Tea with lemon, several cups warm you up. Soothe. Calm. Necessary to do this time of the year, but it is Pure Pleasure.

Warmth from the fireplace, listen to the sounds of the wood burning in the flames. Watch the embers glow as it finally goes out.


Hearty meals of stews, chunky vegetable soups, thick pieces of bread, mouth watering smells of pumpkin and sweet potato pies.

Time with family in close quarters. Read. Play games. Watch TV. Laugh. Catch up. Enjoy each other.

…and the wind blows, as the quiet of night falls.





I just looked at the time-lol. Oh well, so much for going to bed in a timely manner; but it was a productive day. Or should I say, fruitful day.

It’s been awhile; writing anything, even a line or two. Busy. Hectic. Trying to make up for lost time-but you never get that time back.

I’m content. Everything’s slowed down for the moment, so I can re-focus on the important. Cutting away the fat (things, places, thinking, habits, and yes, unfortunately, people) made a huge difference. I can actually breathe again.

It was funny. The silence-I had no idea just how crazed people can get when they see you’re not doing anything. At least, what they believe you should be doing. I got a kick out of it. After awhile, I got bored with the whole mess. All that time and energy. “Delete” became my hero. My Godsend. Ahhh, “another one bites the dust!” (I’d sing in the style of Queen). Free at last.

So, now I lay me down to sleep, adjusting the moorings on my bedsheets. Yes, I close my eyes, and rest, in peaceful sleep. Smile.